мне лень покончить с собой..

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Tired of being hung up over such trivial unimportant aspects of my life It’s become so difficult to change this shit

Why is it so difficult for me to make friends or socialize with people? I hate being so reserved and anxious about talking to people

I feel pressured to make other people feel important and loved but I feel like garbage all the time and then I feel guilty when I haven’t made other people feel special.

I’ve been liking the idea of getting a little forest tattoo so I drew something similar to what I’d want with a sharpie on my arm (I also liked the idea of having two crows in it because of Terren and Crimson)

Maybe I should just buy a bunch of shitty jean jackets from the flea market put a bunch of random patches and pins on them and sell them on etsy/ eBay for 70$ each and call them “Vintage”