cinnamon toast cunt

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Like that’s cool if you own a motorcycle but fuckin shut up

My friend motherofblueness took some pretty cool pictures of crimson with my camera that I’ll probably post soon.

I always think it’s strange how I follow strangers blogs, and some of them now and then, post things that In turn make me learn things about them, where they live, what they like to do, things that make them happy, or sad, things that have impacted their lives, I see pictures of them, I read what they think, and through all that I learn aspects of a person that doesn’t even know I excist, they don’t know who I am at all or that I know things about them, it’s so strange. Sometimes I even have dreams about these people, where I am hanging out with them, I’ve had dreams about quite a few people on tumblr actually(tagged) And then I wonder if there are people following me that know what I look like and read my stupid complaints and jibber jabber, learning about my life and I don’t even know them.