мне лень покончить с собой..

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I’ve had enough

I’m tired of this bullshit, I want my father to stop talking about my mother to me, don’t talk about your girlfriends don’t pull the pity card don’t tell me you love me.
I want my mother to stop telling me that I can’t be at home with my boyfriend because she wants quiet time I’m tired of her lying, I’m tired of being last priority I am tired of her telling me I can only see nick at my house every other weekend, I’m tired of her boyfriend being all she cares about everything is so fucked up and I’m sick of this there should be reason somewhere but everybody is being blind and selfish.

So I posted the foggy picture awhile back and a lot of people liked it so I decided I’m going to take a picture of this tree every season, summer and autumn, just waiting up on winter and spring.

Slippery slope downhill I don’t feel like I’m even real.



imagine if they named a disease after your url

oh god

We’re going to have a problem here.

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sweet jesus

holy shit.

the sound of childhood 

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Nick doing things